S L R .

by alittlelove

Toast is in the toaster.

Today I am supposed to pick up my new camera. {Canon 20D digital SLR}  I am so excited!

Other than that, I am having sort of a hard time thinking about what to blog about.  I feel really fidgety today..pretty restless actually..like I can’t sit still.  Life has constantly been going.  Like a river, sometimes that is hard to deal with.  Rest is so much out of the question..just go..then go..then 5 hours of sleep..then go again.  I seriously do not know how my body is doing this.  I can’t wait for things to calm down.

This morning two of my seesters left for Havasupai.  They will be gone for two weeks.  I’m glad I still have 2 siblings left to play with.  I hope they have a good time swimming in the travertine water(o;

Last night was “dwight camp”.  I felt so inferior to everyone else my age.  I hate feeling that way.  I hated how everything was so ‘cliqueish’.  By the end of the night I had met some pretty rad people though(like the french boy who teaches music).  The key is to just be yourself.  I used to meld to whatever everyone else was like.  I am not like that anymore.  I am myself around everyone else.  That is the best way to be…all the time.  Don’t change who you are for someone else.  It will destroy you in the long run.
I had a fun time though.  We played indoor and outdoor soccer..I hadn’t played soccer for quite a while.  Almost scored..almost.
Talent night I sang for everyone.  They liked it.  I’m glad.  One boy told my little seester that I was trying to go for the whole ‘taylor swift’ thing..I’m pretty darn sure I sound NOTHING like Taylor Swift.  She can sing..but I don’t want to sound like her.  I don’t want to sound like anyone else..just like me.  I think that is what the LORD wants…He wants me to sound like me.  He made me an individual..not a copy cat.  I like that He did that♥

well..I have to go do something that will get rid of this fidgety feeling.