w a i t

by alittlelove

Last night, I tried to Skype study with my buddies Nat and Roger.  We are in James.  The connection was horrible.  My side of the call kept dropping.  So, I gave up.  I did get to sing some worship with Nat before we started though.  I was happy about that.
Instead of the study, I went and wrote another song.
About waiting on God.
That has been on my heart lately.  I’m learning to wait on what God.  Learning to listen to His voice in everything I do.  Which is so basic, but at the same time it has been resonating  a profound noise inside of my heart.  Wait..wait…wait..kind of like a drum beat.  Waiting is faithfulness..waiting is love..waiting is obedience.  I’m loving learning that♥
I love having a God that speaks to me.
Blows my mind away.
I love my Jesus with all my heart.