french toast.

by alittlelove

Today was sort of unexpected.
I was supposed to get my new car..BUT..the lady forgot to get her husband to sign the title.
I get it tomorrow..11:00 a.m. I am excited.
She gave me the keys though.
I think that is a good thing.

There is a boy I don’t know standing in the middle of my kitchen.  I find this happening more and more..

Last night my seesters and I spent the night with Jen.
We slept a tent…I was afraid of getting cold, but I ended up being too hot and having to take my sweater off.  I tend to sleep in way too much clothing(o;
Before we fell asleep we played games and did “mad-libs”.  It was fun.  We fell asleep whispering to each other.  I like nights like that.  Makes me happy to sit in the dark and whisper about life.  I hope my ‘husband’ likes to whisper with me♥

This morning we woke up early.  Way to early for me.  My eyes were still burning from the chlorine that had flooded them from swimming the previous afternoon(i get to swim for job pretty much rocks).  I laid there for a while.  Eyes still shut..thinking about the sun that was shining through the tent windows.  We all got dressed, and headed to a little cafe here in town.  Their french toast was good, but it could have been better.  Sometimes I wish I wasn’t such a food critic(but i secretly love it..).  I like making the food is so much better that way.♥