i♥my dad.

by alittlelove

(this is my dad.he is pretty much amazing.)

Dear daddy.

I love love love you very much.
I like it when you laugh
and when you smile.
I like when you put your arm around me when we are sitting next to each other.
I like that you braided my hair so many times(so many times) when I was little.
I like when you let us clean out the gutters.
I like when you preach.  I always like that.
I like when you write me 3 page letters when I am having a hard time.
I like your funny comments on facebook.
Thank you for teaching me how to drive.
I like when I wake up in the morning, and there your are sitting on the couch reading your Bible.
I like when you pray.
I like it when you take us to the ballet.
I like it when you sing in car to the radio.
I like that you know most of the ‘oldies’ by heart♥
I like it when you kiss mamy.
I like it when you take brother to the cul-de-sac to play hockey.
I love it when you say the food I made was good.
I like it when you lift your hands when you sing praise songs.
I like it when you talk to me.
I like it when you tell me ‘you look nice today’.


most of all.

I love you because you are my daddy♥

yours forever,