by alittlelove

Once upon a time, my seesters and I got to take a trip to Washington state(to see some of our dear friends♥).  Joel drove us.  We had a wonderful time..eating lemons..and talking about different things like waterfalls and nature.  We climbed trees and ate tai food.  Picked flowers and listened to Jack Johnson.  I got to see my dear Soryn and Prentice..we went running and made coffee.  They own a coffee shop.  It is brilliant.  Gorgeous girls serving delicious(yes delicious) coffee..it can’t get any better than that♥  We ran around in daisy fields and walked through town.  WE SAW KIRSTIN.  Went to a birthday party and learned some new guitar tricks.  In the morning we had some more coffee..and I discovered my new favourite drink..Chai tea latte with a shot of espresso.  AMAZING.  Then we had to head to Portland to get on the bus.  Joel drove us there and we had time to spare, so we looked for a Safeway.  Found a darling one..bought some french bread/deli roast beef/munster cheese..then we picked up some lemonade and sparkling water.  When we were checking out, I headed over to the nearest starbucks for some cups(to mix the drinks..).  Score.  The nice boy gave me four clear cups.  We then walked down the stairs and found ourselves in a parking garage.  We meandered through the grey stone place..laughing and skipping along.  Made it all the way out and found the car.  We drove to the middle of town looking for a place to have our little picnic lunch…right in the middle of town.  There was a statue of a horse with a man sitting silently on the top.  Sitting on the little benches that lined the walk-way we proceeded to make our lunch.  I mixed the drinks..sparkling lemonade♥  Joel sliced the bread, topped each piece with a generous amount of roast beef and cheese…it was wonderful.  Across from us a group of young boys struck their hands on sets of drums…someone was strumming on a guitar.

Then we left for the bus.
Said our goodbyes.
Gave hugs.
And rode the bus home.

I then fell into my bed…eyes half closed..I thought..

today was wonderful.”


(dear dear soryn♥)

(we swing…a lot)

(field of daisies)

(enjoying some sun)