coffee is not very nice to me.

by alittlelove

I had an americano this morning(because I met a friend for a Bible starbucks of 6:45 in the morning..i went to bed at 12:00 last night…got the picture?).(o:  I’m not sure if that was the best idea.  I mean, I do have about 1 million things(don’t worry i am exaggerating) to do today, but now I just feel like a million things are flowing through my brain.  I’ve gone through every emotion in the book today.  I was really happy this morning(that always happens after i talk to a friend about Jesus)..then I got really sad..then angry…and now I a just really anxious and edgy.  Yep, I think I drank the americano on the wrong day.

Anyway, this week I get to go the beach.
You have no idea how excited I am about that.

We got a new monitor.
So now the Orange Tree is going to be blooming soon.
Or fruiting…
or whatever you want to call it.

My friends are making me crazy.
It is a good thing though.

The LORD is forever amazing.

Okay..I have to go pack now.  I said I was going to go pack like an hour ago.  My brain is so distracted.

My brain is hilarious right now.



p.s. my stupid mouth gets me into trouble too much.