by alittlelove

(this picture was taken just for you tandy-mandy)

We went to the dollar store after church yesterday.
I picked up one of the fabulous tote bags for the beach this weekend.
Mine is pink..I’m going to make it look spiffy(o:
Anyway, so I was browsing the aisles with Tandy, and I turned my back from her to look at something just for a second.  When I turned back around, there she stood putting deodorant on.  It was the deodorant that was for sale. The “dollar” deodorant.  She then put the cap back on, and put it back onto the shelf.

I paid and left.
My silly seester walking behind me.

At least she didn’t have B.O.
I feel really bad for that person who is going to purchase that stick of deodorant.

O dear.