in a cup is my heart dear.

by alittlelove

I went to a tea party this morning.
I’m pretty sure it was the best tea party I have ever been to.  I felt a little awkward, sitting there in my jean bermudas..flip flops..and plaid tunic…messy hair… sitting there drinking tea.  I like listening to the other women talk about life.  Then Lisa(the dear woman who let us come to her house for tea) read us a little excerpt out of this “tea” book…it was about teacups, and it compared them to people and their conditions.  Then she asked what kind of tea cup we were.  “Are you cracked and glued back together, are you frail, or are you a sturdy like cup?”  All the ladies went on to share what kind of cup they were…explaining the condition of their hearts.  It was beautiful hearing all of their little “cup” testimonies.

Then it was my turn.

I spoke up:

If my heart was a cup, it would be very used and worn out.”
The LORD has been teaching me a whole bunch of different things…one of the strongest points that I’ve been learning though, is that God wants to use me.  AND if He wants to use me, He will help me.  I don’t have to do it all by myself.  Yes, there has been a continual pouring out, filling back up, pouring out, then full again thing going on inside my heart.  Being used by Jesus is amazing.  Tiring, but amazing.
I am a born listener..and I think I am learning the reason why.
My heart is a good worn out and used though.
I think I am happiest when my heart is like this.
Thinking about it, I haven’t been this happy in a while.
Pour out.

If your heart was a teacup,
what would it look like?