happy weekend to you!

by alittlelove

Yesterday, I got a call from Stewart(the worship leader) asking if I wanted to go be a guest worship leader at another church this sunday.  I said “YES!”.  I am ecstatic.  I’ve never really “led” worship on a Sunday morning, so this is going to be exciting.  I am so thankful that the LORD has given me an opportunity to go do this.  This is what I want to do with my life, lead worship.

Today is a big day.
I will tell you about it tomorrow though(o;

Well..I’m off to go clean some more(we are cleaning the house right now)
pick up some bobby pins and hair spray for tonight.

I think I need to go eat something now.
I’m starting to get dizzy and all I’ve eaten so far is a carrot pineapple orange smoothie..it is 12:03…I did not know that.