dear me.

by alittlelove

Dear Brother:
I love it when I get to stay home with you..and when you go to the cul-de-sac with me..and when you blow bubbles with me.

Dear seesters:
I like it when you text me.

Dear Starbucks:
You are a genius for having happy hour this month.
(i sort of love your strawberry soy)

Dear sore throat:
I hate you.

Dear ice water:
I love you.

Dear Calvary Chapel men:
..I think it is rad that you meet at starbucks to talk.

Dear Old Navy:
your clothes are way overpriced..but your flip-flops?  2 for $5?  what a deal.

Dear track meets:
I’m going to miss you.

Dear Hypocrites:
Your heart can be changed…it really can.

Dear Natalie:
I really hope one day we can meet..and I can play on your baby grand piano.  That would be marvelous.

Dear Jetta:
I want to buy you.