by alittlelove

Tonight I was sitting on my floor cleaning my room, and a thought popped into my head.

We all want a perfect life.

All of us.
Don’t say you don’t..because you do.  We all strive to have that perfect happy fulfilling life.
We all want the perfect husband.  We all want the perfect wife.  We want perfect hair, perfect skin, perfect friends.  Perfect parents.  (a perfect car)  Perfect.perfect.perfect.

Is perfect attainable?

Is it?

Are we supposed to have a perfect life?  Because maybe we aren’t.  Maybe we are supposed to have the hard times.  The hurting times.  The times that scar our hearts.  Because those times are what shape us.  They build character.  They build confidence.  The hard times make us stronger.

So today I came to the conclusion

I don’t want a perfect life.

Do you?