in love today.

by alittlelove

Dishes done.
Wash done.
Table cleaned.
Brother fed.
Me fed.
Homeade frappucino made(i think i drank like 20 oz. of the stuff).
I am wired now.
It’s okay though..because I work till 11:00 tonight.
Packages wrapped.
(but not mailed…tomorrow.)
Hair done.
And now I get to watch “Henry Pool is Here” with my brother.
He says it is his favourite movie.
I’ve never seen it.
It is raining.

Now it is 3:38 in the afternoon.
I feel accomplished.

We are studying the armor of God in the ladies Bible study this week.
I still have no idea how to put it on. 
I am learning about that.
What do you guys think? 
How do you put on the armor of God?

I think it is by prayer..but that is just a hunch(o:

I sat and folded a load of laundry today. 
I was praying the entire time.  I like it when I get to do that.  It fills me with so much peace and joy and hope.

I am in love with Jesus.
I don’t think there is anything better.