11:00 p.m.

by alittlelove

This morning I had animal crackers and cottage cheese for breakfast.  Tandy had carrots and french dressing.

Listening to this song.  I think it is crazy good.

Now, I’m in the studio with Nat and Harlan.  Skype is wonderful.
(really wonderful)

Dante has caught a cold.  O bother.  So, I will be staying home with him today.  The only thing he would drink this morning was gatorade..but I got him to drink it(o:

I have had two very bad wake up calls this week.

Life moves on.


Tonight I work.
I got really spooked on Monday though.  We close at 11:00..and my guys that usually come in till 11:00 didn’t show up.  So I had an entire half hour alone..and I started hearing banging noises..so I called my daddy, and he came early.  I hate being there alone.  Hopefully that will not happen tonight, and my “10:00” guys will show up.