spilling water.

by alittlelove

I keep spilling the hot water when I make my tea…
I found out I liked orange flavoured tea.  I thought I hated it, but I was wrong.  Now, I am addicted to it.

I have hair up my nose.  It was “daddy and dante need a haircut” day.  I don’t mind cutting hair.  I love it actually..and if you ever need a haircut, I would be more than willing to get my hands in your hair(o:  Just ask..I’ll probably have some scissors with me.


Today I said I was going to make my bed..because the covers are strewn all over the place.. I am a lively sleeper or something.  I think it would be the coolest thing in the world to film someone sleeping through the night.  That would be neat.  Anyway, I keep getting distracted…by making cookies, and cutting hair, and writing letters..blogging♥.  Silly me..

Well..I am off to do more cleaning…even though I feel like sleeping.