about GOD.

by alittlelove

Last night I had a beautiful conversation with God.
I told Him what was going on in my heart(even though He already knows..)
Because there is a lot going on in my heart these days..half the time I feel like there is a nuclear bomb going off in it.

I talked to Him about life
and I prayed for my family
and I prayed for my friends..the ones that are doing good..and the ones that are going bad..then ones that are atheists…the ones who are getting married.

I did this all out loud.  I always feel better after I actually ‘talk’ with God.
And then I just lay there, my arm over my eyes, listening.




Then peace.

I didn’t hear anything..but I felt it.

I hope you are all having a glorious weekend.



p.s. Bell is writing the most wonderful fictional piece I have ever read(I know..I’m being biased).  You should read it too..

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