i think.

by alittlelove

Today I tried to drink more water than I did yesterday.  I failed..miserably..I think.
I think it is okay though.

Had an amazing time studying the Bible with Nat(and Renae).  Those two really rock my boat.  Both philosophers at heart.  They are more brilliant than I will ever be.
(I think that is okay though).

I’m learning a lot about being selfless lately.  God keeps putting these things in my way..little things like, making dinner even though I’m tired.  Things like that.  You know, realizing that they are more important than myself.  It has been hard.
But I am okay with that.
This week I asked my mentor Darci what she wanted me to pray about for her.  She asked me to pray that she would be selfless and care less about herself.  I am so inspired by Darci.  She has been through so much…she is such a beautiful woman/wife/mother though, and I want to be just like her when I am older.  ♥
I think that is just fine.

This song is infectious: