breaking glass in my dreams.

by alittlelove

I’ve been having the craziest dreams.  I don’t know why..maybe it’s something I ate?  I usually don’t dream..and you know what is really weird?  I dream in black and white..I always have, but recently I have been  dreaming in colour.  I don’t understand.

Anyway, I dreamed I was fishing.  Caught some fish..but in the process I fell into the creek.  Yep..soaking wet, and I had to walk home, but I had my fish. ♥

I also dreamed I was sitting in a boat in my wedding dress.

(go figure).

These dreams are getting weird though…almost like pieces of Alice in Wonderland….
I’m not going to lie to you though…I like having dreams.

What do you dream about? is lunch time and I am starving..
I think I’m going to make an angel food cake today…we have like a million eggs in the fridge.  Well, not a million, but something like that(o;

loving this song…especially the breaking glass in the background.  that is genius♥