by alittlelove

Today I get to stay home.  I am so happy about that.  I don’t have to go to work(even though I do love my job).  I don’t have to go shopping.  I don’t have to go anywhere..and you have no idea how happy I am about that.

(i am so jealous of all the stay at home mom’s right now…)

Who wouldn’t want to stay home and colour with your children..and play playdough…and paint?  That sounds so attractive to me.

But I'm here now..not there.

So I’ll be content with where I’m at..even though sometimes  it is hard.

Woke up this morning with the ‘i am so alone’ feeling(maybe that is the instigator of this post).
I lay in bed praying..”God why am I alone?..why am i alone…
I squeezed my eyes shut praying that I wouldn’t think of that anymore.

O God, help me to be content?

Maybe it’s the fact that so many girls that I have grown up with are all getting married.
Maybe it’s the fact that no one has ever expressed interest(beyond ‘you are cute’) in me.

Then I remember something a wise married woman once told me.
Stay single.
Her face smiling.
You are too good to just go off and marry a few years out of highschool.  You are so gifted!  You need to go out there and use your gifts.
So maybe it is me.
Me taking her advice.
There is a reason she said something like that to me.
It was a God thing.
Remembering all this, I am content.
Content that Jehovah’s plan is so much more beautiful and intricate than a silly man-made romance could ever be.

I am content with being single.