to all the girls in all the world.

by alittlelove

Tonight I read through some blogs that I hadn’t read in a while.
My heart kind of saddened at what I was reading.
As you probably already know..the blogging world is quite populated with women.
What I was reading wasn’t that pleasing though.
There were expressions of fear..
and rejection..
of loneliness…

There were posts on food disorders.
Other posts were about abusive relationships.
Others about break-ups and not being good enough for the man they were with.
These women were having trouble..and my heart was breaking for them.

I’ve been there before.
The thoughts of not being ‘good enough‘ have run through this head of mine quite a lot.
I’m not going to lie to you.
I have struggled with myself in the past.
I have struggled with my weight..
and thinking I wasn’t pretty enough..
or smart enough.

Then I learned to love my curves(the little that are there)
and my hair
and my silly smile
and my height
and my stubby toes

What I learned is I need to love myself.
Bell says ‘to love someone need to love yourself’.
I think she is right.

I want to tell all the women in the world that they are beautiful.
I want to tell all of you that are reading this that you are beautiful.
I want to tell you that Jehovah thinks you are beautiful too.
Yes, some days you may look in the mirror and feel fat
your face looks washed out
you just darn don’t feel pretty.
stop hating your body.
I’m completely serious.
It is very important that you learn to love yourself..your body..your face..your hair.
It is important.

So don’t fill your head with thoughts of being
You shouldn’t let things like that invade your heart.



(that is all)