space…i went there today.

by alittlelove

There is a hole in the big toe of my left sock.
It has been bothering me all night.

I am sad.

My TMJ(temporomandibular joint disorder) is coming back.
I feel it..and it is making me nervous.  I don’t want my jaw to pop out again.
You haven’t felt pain till your jaw is dislocated.
It is like no other.

Dear jaw,
please stay where you supposed to.
thank you in advance.

It is my little brother’s birthday tomorrow.
We are making him a scavenger hunt.

Today I played astronaut with him.
It was most likely the best part of my day.
I had to go start up the brown van(so the battery doesn’t die).
I asked him to come with me..I sat there for a few minutes feeling sorry for myself(because of my jaw) while he fiddled with the glove compartment.
Then a surge of happiness flooded through my head and my heart..and I pulled my seatbelt across myself, snapped it in place and told him “common!  put yours on too!  we are going to launch..start the countdown!”  I clutched the wheel as he started the countdown..”5..4..3…2…1…blast off!”.  We went up.  Launching through the atmosphere and into deep dark space.  I told him “if you undo your seatbelt, you will float!”  Float he did(o:  So did I.  There is nothing like floating in outerspace.  Then I told him we had to go back home..and we were going back to earth..and that he wouldn’t be able to float anymore, so he should get back up front and snap himself into his seatbelt.  He did just that(o:  We had bit of a rough landing, but we still made it..both of us beaming.  I turned off the engine.  Off went the radio, and out the door we went.  I didn’t know 5 min. of space could make someone so happy.  It does.  ♥

I love having a little brother.