by alittlelove

My alarm goes off early sunday morning.
6 a.m.
It is still dark outside.
The girls and I walk to church.
It is about a mile and a half.
Bell and I run the visual/sound today.
I hope I do okay.
Because in practice, I muted the lead’s guitar(on accident!).
ria..keep your fingers away from the mute button.

Yesterday we were walking through the frozen section in the grocery store.
I think it made me angry.
Okay..listen to this..’tuscan herb encrusted chicken with a balsamic reduction’
all you had to do was put it in the oven.
Let me tell you..I was horrified.
I kept walking down the isle..
this is the one that I thought was funny..
‘jasmine rice’…’ready to serve just heat!’
I laughed….
people don’t have time to make rice anymore?
Are you serious?
I don’t like the frozen food section at all.

I need to make myself some breakfast..
we have whole milk..