just the way it is…

by alittlelove

Listening to the Weepies right now.
I feel like their music.
I like how music fits my mood.

I was going to write a song for Nat’s birthday..but it got too late..
for me to play the violin…
and I’m way tired…

I wrote another song today..about Neverland.
I was wendy..
he was the lost boy.

This morning I woke up and my heart was hurting.
It does that sometimes…breaks a lot for other people.
I become engulfed in my friend’s problems quite easily.
I wonder if that is how God feels..
does His heart always hurt?
I hope my singing pleases Him
and makes His hurting heart

Anyway, my heart was hurting..
and I peeked out my window and it was
My fingers became instantly frozen.
Dread filled my hurting heart
and I prayed
‘Jesus help me.’
‘Jesus help them.’
and I prayed for my friends..each one..specifically..
my heart was less heavy after that.

I love how God fixes the little holes in my heart.
He has patched it up quite a lot.
Softened it.
And I know I have a long way to go,
but I feel my heart becoming what my Saviour wants it to be.
It is becoming a pretty home for Him.
I don’t want it to be dirty.
I want it to be clean
and beautiful
and perfect.
That is all I want.

Bell told me today that I need to stop asking questions and saying things like a 4th grader would.
I can’t help it.