i smell good..i promise you.

by alittlelove

Last night I had the weirdest dream.
I was sitting at a grand piano writing a symphony piece.
Then a friend came in and told me that another friend I knew was going to Africa and I should go with him.
I just sat there at the piano smiling.
I finished the piece.
Then I woke up with it in my head.
I wish I knew how to write it down.
It was such a nice sounding melody.

Is that weird?  Me having symphony pieces in my head?


This morning I made chocolate chip pancakes with Dante.
I love cooking with my little brother.
And we can make some darn good pancakes..let me tell you.
Give me a call one morning..and head over here..We will make you some pancakes.  Seriously.


(what i’m wearing today)
totally bummed that is is a discontinued scent.

I wear perfume.  I think all girls should.

“One of the nicest things a man can say to a woman is, ‘you smell nice’ ”

I believe that with all my heart♥
and you can quote me on it(o;