by alittlelove

This morning my friend Jim and I tried to Skype a violin lesson.
It didn’t work though.
The connection  kept dropping.
And I was really frustrated as I tried to play ‘amazing grace’ decently, but quickly for him.
Turns out I need to work on my ‘slurring’.
Yes..I know!  Who would have ever thought that ‘slurring’ is a good thing(o:
And now I want curry really badly

Last night I..
taught kickboxing(without falling over)
led worship for the youth group, and Jesus was so sweet to me during that time
ate quite a lot of tuna noodle casserole that Tandy made…she says she can’t cook, but she is just lying to you
watched ‘The Office’ with my seesters, and laughed my head off
went to bed early.


everyone..I feel so much better..thank you for the prayers.



p.s. be praying for my friend Sam and also Faith Ball.
They are both in Africa right now,
and they both have malaria.
They need your prayers…♥

and..go build a swing today.