by alittlelove

Today I am extremely dizzy.
So dizzy, that I almost fell over in the shower..I know..bad isn’t it?

I think it might be due to the fact that my anemia is coming back, but I hope that is not that case.
So, I took a multivitamin.  I should be set for the day(o:
I’m still dizzy..but that is expected.  I need to work harder to take care of myself.
I get so busy..and then I forget I need to take iron.

Anyway..I didn’t want to get discouraged by feeling this way.
So, I got up and I cleaned a little(i could only do a little before i felt like falling over again).
I got all the shoes put away
The floor swept
the dishes done
and made myself a cup of molasses tea.


This morning, I was thinking ‘what if i am going to be like this foreverwhat if i get sick every monthwhat if this never stops?’ first answer that came to mind? ‘well, i will still have my Jesus..and i will still praise Him..even if i am sick forever‘♥
That was a happy thought.  I still have Jesus, even when I don’t feel my best.



{dear future husband...i hope you don't mind
me being so frail.  }