i am a prism.

by alittlelove

Last night I had a nice deep theological discussion with Bell.
Till 12:oo midnight.
I had a lot to ask her(because Bell always breaks things down the right way, and understands where i’m coming from).
She understood me.
I told her people are like ‘prisms’.
Jesus is light.
He shines through us.
And different colours radiate off of us, because Jesus shines through us all in a different way.
She understood me.
I’m glad to have someone who understands this crazy brain of mine.

We also talked about love…
I believe in it now.
It is sin not to believe in it.
I’ll write a post about that later though.

I woke up this morning with the most amazing feeling.
I was so completely in love with my Jesus.
I adore Him.
Utterly adore Him.
I cannot bring myself to express the magnitude of love that is in my heart.

I hope you all fall in love with Jesus as I have.
It is worth it.
So, completely worth it.