.material things.

by alittlelove

Today sitting in youth group(i got to play a worship set there..that made me happy), mr.youthleader said something that created this crazy picture in my mind.
So picture this:

You are struggling while dragging this pile of stuff.  Things like iPods/cellphones/computers/laptops/bulky cameras/rich looking cars/a Wii/DSI/CD players/blackberry/speakers/flatscreen tv/5,000 songs..all this is attached to a string.  And there you are, dragging it all behind you..but you have to take all this stuff with you wherever you go.  I was horrified at the vision in my mind.  I don’t want to be attached to material things like that.  Hundreds of pounds of useless stuff..do you want to be attached to it by a string?  Dragging it eternally with you?


So this week I will be working on letting material things go..and focusing more on relationships in my life.
That is right ‘things’.
You are going to be left on the backburner.

I want my lawn full of marigolds anyway.