ability vs. feeling[THE WAR]

by alittlelove

So, my dear friend Jordan commented on my ‘love’ post the other day.
He wrote:

…I love Dan in Real Life and have been writing to work through weather I believe you can fall in love in three days or not. I think it ties in.
What are your thoughts?
Do you not believe that love is ability and feeling? Does love not have its start in infatuation? In feeling?

Yes.  I do believe you can fall in love with someone in three days.  Personally, I would love it if something like that happened to me(the spontaneous person that i am).  If by some chance a boy convinced me of love(because i don’t believe in it..ask me about it..)and asked me to marry him after 3 days..I most certainly would walk to the courthouse and sign my name on the marriage license.

This may seem completely CRAZY, but in my mind, it all makes total sense.


For the second part of the question…
Do you remember watching Fiddler on the Roof?  Remember, how it takes Tevye almost half of his married life to fall in love with his wife, Golde?  The first part of their relationship is based on ability..Tevye had the ability to love his wife, but not the feeling.  As the movie goes on..they fall in love(FEELING).

Remember though, their marriage was arranged.  Which, the falling in love in 3 days would be sort of like that.  You wouldn’t really know what you were getting into.

So, yes..I believe that love is both a FEELING and ABILITY.


3rd question…love can start in feeling..but it doesn’t  always.  See the answer above.
Personally, I would like to have feeling first.
I would like to be in love with my husband before I marry him.