love you/she/he/them/they

by alittlelove

I told you I was going to write a post on love…so here it goes. Wait, the Beatles have to come on…there we go. 

Okay, “love is not a feeling, it is an ability”..”el amor no es un sentimiento, es una habilidad” ♥
I’ve been thinking about love a alot..not because I want it, but rather because everyone seems to be SO addicted to it.  When switchfoot sang that line “everyone needs love like drugs” they were doing nothing but telling the complete truth. 
I’ve spent my entire life watching people love.  Watching them get married, then get divorced, sometimes get back together.  I’ve watched breakups..I’ve seen grown men look like they have just died and gone to hell, becuase they aren’t with the girl who they loved.
I’ve heard it all…”you are just too good for me”
“i can’t believe you!”
“you liar.”
“he didn’t text me back”
“he broke up with me”

That is love. 

Or have we just made it into that?
I think we have made love into something that it wasn’t meant to be. 
Does it really matter if you ordered the EXACT SAME thing at Taco Bell?
Yep..he took you to coffee..BUT you are just friends I thought.
He likes the same exact bands…o my are meant to be!
but seriously,
does he really love you?  or is it just infatuation…



the state of being infatuated.


the act of infatuating.
foolish or all-absorbing passion or an instance of this: a mere infatuation that will not last.
the object of a person’s infatuation: When I was a kid, my infatuation was stamp collecting.
uhmm..did you read #3? 
You did right?
Okay…so are you infatuated with him?  You should know by he going to be your collection of stamps?  Let me tell you a story. 
Once upon a time I collected stamps.
I had quite a collection of them.
  But then I got older, and I no longer had a love for collecting stamps. 
the end.
So this he going to be your book of stamps that you collected?  I do hope not. 
Do you see what I’m saying? 
So then, what is love?
Love is saying ‘i will cherish you forever and always. even when i don’t feel like it’.
Love is waking up next to your wife who has a horrid snotty cold, and is making weird noises that scare you.
Love is eating the food even though she burned it.
Love is bringing home flowers for no reason at all.
Love is cleaning the house before he gets home.
Love is saying ‘i’m not going to fight with you'(and then making sure you both don’t go to bed angry).
Love is the hard things.
Love is an ability.
Not a feeling.
So chew on that for a while. 
What do you think /love/ is?