by alittlelove

Today has been so slow.

Right now…I am sitting her eating black beans while the girls watch 7th Heaven(i dislike that show very much).

In about 2 hours I’m off the run with the track team.  It looks like I may get to work the website this year.  That is quite exciting.  The more projects I get, the more I learn about HTML.

I am teaching myself how to do a headstand against the wall(o:  Quite the experience for me..since I never was that adventurous as a person.  When it comes to things like flips and headstands and handstands and climbing trees, I could never do them.  This year that is all going to change(o;


I’ve been thinking up an ‘about love’ post.
Recently my mind has been whirling with thoughts on the subject.

Well…I’m off like a flying turtle.

enjoy your day.



i am quite enjoying this song lately: