by alittlelove

My dear lovely blog readers:

I’ve found time to write a lovely post for you right now.
I hope you like it, because I like you a lot.

this is for you my friends.
I love you all more than you can know.
I know most of the time we are just all “hi and smiles”
but I think of our friendship more than that.
You are all the reason I am the way I  am.
Because of all the names you have called me
all of the jokes you have told me
all of the sad things you have shared with me
all of your joys that I have experienced with you
all of the songs you  have written with me
all the songs we have belted out loud in the car
all the times we laughed together

It’s because of these things that I love you my friends.
[and i want you to know that]

I want you all to know that it is the times that I have spent with you that has shaped me.
Each one of you have been some kind of chisel to me.
Even the hard times with you I cherish.
Even the sad
and  lonely times
I cherish.

So this is a {late} valentines day to you.
My special friends I love you.




I’m not afraid to let you know that(o: