my fingers move sometimes slow sometimes fast…

by alittlelove

I’m still sick…o bother…it has been almost 2 weeks.

Isn’t that horrid?

Because I’ve been sick though,

I’ve started memorizing Scripture again…
(i’ve realized how positive it makes my day).

This morning’s verse?

“A fool hath no delight in understanding,
but that his heart may discover itself.”
proverbs 18:2

I’ve also been able to work on my violin(which is going quite well i think, until someone actually hears it).
My guitar is at the doctors..because the pick-up isn’t working.
Violin helps to keep my fingers moving.
I have to have my fingers moving..or I go crazy.

You will hear it soon.

While you are waiting though…listen to Nat’s amazing kazoo song.

Click here.