my morning.

by alittlelove

This morning I am listening to Keith Green.
You can hear a few of his sermons here.
This one was brilliant.

Today I am working on a new has the violin in it(but I can’t I don’t know how well it is going to go).  I am very excited about it though.

The Orange Tree is updated this morning…(o:

I have been sick, but I feel much better.  I look like a train wreck….but I am feeling much better.  Thank you Jesus for healing me.

I had such an amazing prayer time this morning.  I loved it.  Thank You God for meeting me.
Being met in the morning by the King of Kings is a most surreal experience.
I am so glad that Jesus saved me.

Also today, my sisters and I draw up the sketches for the mural that we are going to be doing.  I keep getting ideas for it(o:



“the only way to receive love is to give love…”  ~keith green