by alittlelove

This morning I woke up with a “not so healthy” feeling body.
Scratchy throat.  The best, eh?
Not to mention I had worship practice tonight…I don’t know if that is going to happen.  Maybe, if by some miracle, my scratchy throat will disappear by 6:00 tonight, I can go.  As of now, it looks like I will not make it.  O well.

Aside from that, I got to eat choclate cupcakes for breakfast(i don’t usually do this…don’t worry), and drank chai tea.  So the day didn’t start out that horrible.  ♥  Bella makes the best chocolate cupcakes.

Even though I’m sick, I still have a list to accomplish.  This includes:

.Untangling a mess of yarn so I can begin to knit myself the little sweater  I have in my head.

.Sewing something.

.Getting an appointment to fix the pick-up in my guitar.

.Making a favicon for godspleasure.com.

.Trying to get some orignal songs uploaded to YouTube(does anyone have any tips?  because for some reason YouTube is being horrible to me and not letting me upload my videos).


.Reading some Sherlock Holmes.

I guess I should get started.  Have a fabulous day dears♥



(today i will make it through some hoops).