Interview with Landon Austin.

by alittlelove

The other day I was browsing through YouTube’s endless amount of music videos.  I typed “original songs” into the search box, and I ran across this guy.  That’s right.  I found out about Landon Austin through total accidental curiosity.  (o:  I was hooked.  His infectious melodies and happy guitar solos mesmerized me.   I did a post on him here.  A silly little idea popped into my head, and I wrote him asking if he would like to do an interview for this blog.  He replied back quite quickly, and I was overjoyed.  So everyone, here it is.

The Landon Austin Interview.

So how did it all start?  How did you become you? Music for me has been a part of my life for a long time but I started writing songs and singing my junior year of high school. I entered a competition called the Texas Ten Under 20, played two original songs, and won.  This inspired me to keep writing and singing.  And I’ve been doing those things ever since.

-How long have you been playing music? What got you interested in it? I started playing music when I was about 9 or ten years old. My family was really into sports and I played baseball but I was tired of rotating between right field and the bench.  I also loved music.  I always listened to the radio and wanted to play guitar.  And for my  birthday my mom bought me a guitar.

-Tell me about your family.  Where did you grow up? I grew up in Dallas Texas. I love being from Dallas. And wouldn’t mind eventually returning to Dallas.

-What is your favourite song that you have written..and…why? I don’t really have a favorite song of mine.  I like them all but it’s really fun to  play Waitin’ because it’s the one people tend to identify with the most.

-How have you grown as a person on your journey to coming an artist? I have learned a lot about being independent  and also about how if you want something to happen you have to be proactive and go after it yourself.  Playing music is fun and I’m learning that nothing will ever happen with playing music until you realize that you have to go after it and pursue every opportunity to the fullest.

-Who are your favourite artists? John Mayer, Passion Pit, Owl City, Coldplay, The Fray.

-In the songwriting process what gives you inspiration?  Do you have a special formula for writing your music? I love writing words to a good melody.  If I have a melody that I like typically words just seem to fall into place.

-Where can we find your music? iTunes, and

-If you didn’t write music and sing, what would you be doing with your life? I would probably be a visual artist or learn more about web development and design.  The only problem about those interests is that visually I have no artistic ability.  Those are just things that interest me, and I wish I had enough time to put into developing them.

-Favourite colour please? Blue.. no question.

-(this one was from my little brother..he is 8)..Do you like bologna sandwiches? Eh… I mean if there is a bologna sandwich in front me I’ll eat it. But I probably wouldn’t ever make one… haha

-Tell us a little about Colorfire. How did that all start? ColorFire is the product of me wanting to try something different. I have been writing and singing acoustic songs for a few years now, and I really wanted to try something completely different.  And ColorFire is an outlet for me to sing more dance-oriented music that is fun and very unique.

-What are your goals and aspirations?  Do you have any plans for 2010? My goals are to keep playing music and seeing what God has in store for me musically and otherwise.  I’m very excited because there have been a lot of new things in music developing and I can’t wait to see how they play out. Even if nothing changes I feel blessed to even have the ability to’ play music.  It’s something I love and whether it becomes a full-time thing, or just something that I use to make youtube videos I love every part of it.


*Thank you Landon for the beautiful interview.