by alittlelove

I haven’t written a deep theological post in tonight is the night.  Something happened last night that kind of made me look at things in different perspective.  It was a friend’s 21st birthday yesterday, so my sisters and I went to his party.   We were sitting there just talking, and all of the sudden one of the guys started talking about this mormon Bible that he had received from these two mormons who came to his door earlier…this got them all talking about the experiences that they have had with other mormons.  Basically, they were summed up as fake, young, pressing, and dumb.  That got me thinking a bit…after my training, and all the door-to-door witnessing I have done, I have realized, that kind of ministry is not for everyone.  I thought about my friends, and how most likely, if I had gone up to their door trying to talk to them about “religion”(because that is what they see it as) , they probably would have pretended to listen, but would have called me some kind of wacko when they shut the door.  I’ve learned that there is multiple ways to witness to someone.  There is not one special way to make someone aware of salvation.  Something else that has stuck out to me lately, is that reading that one specific person is really important.  Knowing what is going to offend the person(minus the offense that the gospel brings within itself) and what will not, is so important in your delivery of the gospel…And, it is really all up to Jesus to be working in that person’s heart.  There is nothing that I can say within myself to make someone believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.  That is one of the most beautiful things about witnessing…it all hangs on the Spirit…if it was up to me, I know that I would utterly fail.  There is a time to speak, and there is a time to hold your tongue.

What do you think?



Today, I had a most amazing time at prayer meeting.  I think prayer is one of the most beautiful things in the whole christian walk.  I’ve been kind of off and on with it lately, but I’ve noticed that when I spend time in prayer in the morning, I have a much better day….


*sticky note is going on my mirror.

Right now..nothing has been touching my heart like Jason Upton’s music…you can give it a listen here.  He has a marvelous website set up.  Give some of the audio clips a listen♥