beautiful day.

by alittlelove

It is over…and I am so glad.


My day was well…I didn’t feel like crying, so that is a plus.

I don’t know what it is, but I just do not get the satisfaction from it like I used to.  I can still remember sitting on the floor christmas morning being so excited to open up my new barbie doll..and then my sisters and I would play for hours.  It wasn’t like that this year.  I was just relieved that it was over.  My performance disorder was starting to get out of control the night before last…it is gone now though..  I’m so glad christmas is over.  I am free…

Anyway, my brother was the cutest.  Watching him open his gifts is the best.  I would rather sit and watch him open presents than open them myself.

I got to talk to these two yesterday too:

That made my day(o:

Today is a new day though.  A very new day.  And I am so very glad.
To get over the “new day” blues, I was going through our pictures.  Came across this one:

And I thought to myself, today is beautiful.