starbucks “LOVE”.

by alittlelove

So, yesterday I went into Starbucks to check on my application.  I had to wait in line for like 15 min.  While I was in line I started talking to the customers..because I just can’t resist talking to people♥  Anway, I started talking to this one lady in front of me.  She was buying christmas ornaments..she picked up an Andrea Bocelli album..and I love, I started talking about him to her(o:  Turns out she loved him too..she bought the CD.  The boy at the the register let out a “That will be $32.46..and you get a free Starbucks “LOVE” CD, because you spent more than $15.”  She turned to me and asked if I had a “LOVE” CD.  I said no…and she placed it in my hands(o:  The wait in line was totally worth it.

This song was on it…
I fell in love.