firsts and forts♥

by alittlelove

Today has been one of those crazy days.

Really crazy days..

I chased the manager (of the restaurant I’ve been trying to get a job at) around town..and was not able to find I turned my resume into Starbucks instead.  They told me to go fill out an application too.  So I did that, and went on back to Starbucks.  Funny story…when I went in there was this girl and her boyfriend there, and she looked really sad.  So I looked at her feet, and she had some adorable bright purple peep toe pumps on.  I hesitated for a moment, but then I told her “I LOVE your shoes!  They are so cute.”  she said, “thank you.” and then smiled.  I like to make people happy♥  I’m really hoping I’ll get a job soon.  I need the money to buy a car..because right now..I need a car. (o:

Bella is on her(first date right now)..I just can’t resist to put this picture of her on.  Yeah, she beat me.  I’ve never been on a date..but she has{now}(o;  She was so cute!  I love her♥

While she has been gone..the other kids and I built a fort.  IT was quite a rad fort too…we even made paper garlands, and named the thing.  Making forts makes me so happy…it just does.

Tandy and one of her magazine cutouts…inspiration that man is♥

The “Bouncy Kingdom” is amazing.  Guaranteed to give you sweet dreams♥

We made some funny faces..(o:

And I was happy.

I have this special post cooking up in my head right now.
Coming soon.
And if your not happy right now…you should come to my house
and I would make you tea, and we would talk about
Hope you are having a killer day.

I am{in love}(with Jesus).



p.s. We won’t be doing the thanksgiving contest anymore…SORRY!
We’ve run out of time..and my plate is much to full now.
Soon though..we will throw a contest(o;