thank you.

by alittlelove

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

So sorry this is so darn late..but we had quite an evening…QUITE an evening(o;

I wrote out a bit of a “thankful” list in my journal..but I wanted to do something on here….So you could see it(o;

I am thankful for:

Jesus-because I wouldn’t be who I am now without Him.  I was a miserable mess before Jesus saved me.  I am so glad and happy that He decided to knock on my door.  I love Him so much.  His love is so completely amazing.  It fills me up so full, like an ocean.

My family-this year has been hard I know..but I wouldn’t trade it in for anything.  Struggles are so worth it, because they make up some good times..I love you daddy and mamma.  You are the best parents ever, and I wouldn’t sell you..(o;  Bella, Tandy, and Franny…you have been the best sisters in the world..thank you for telling me I did a good job..and letting me annoy you with questions and weird attitudes.  You are all very rad.  And Dante…you are so most awesomest brother ever.  You make me happy when I’m having a horrid day.  I love you much.

Friends-and no, I’m not talking about all my 246 facebook friends.  I’m talking about the friends who seriously have gone out of their way to comfort me when I was having a horrible day.  Those friends who called, and wrote, and supported me with the Words of Yaweh.  You know who you are…and you are all so amazing.  I love you guys!

the Postal Service-thank you for delivering my mail in the sleet, hail, rain, and snow..and for delivering mail to me(o;



crying-because it makes me feel better after I’m done.

cameras-Kodak moment please.

all the artists that have inspired me, and the people that have encouraged me in my music-thank you.



Coldplay-my brother knows who you are..

dancing-you helped me to get rid of all my frustration and turn it into beautiful lines and jumps.

my soccer buddies-thanks for playing soccer with me..even though I am terrible and I can’t juke you…you guys are so nice.

headphones-i♥you…you help me pan and mix and record, and you are one of the best things I own.



the moon

my life-becuase it’s seriously worth living.




LOVE-because without it all the plants in the world would would you.

art-in all forms.


that is my list(I could go on and on…)…what is yours?