overwhelming goodmorning.

by alittlelove

I was so overwhelmed this morning.
I was overwhelmed with Jesus and His love for me…
I was overwhelmed by the fact that the Uncreated One knows my name, and everything about me.

I woke up thinking, “ah..another day.  how depressing”.
Lately, I’ve kind of been feeling like that.
Something clicked in my mind though, as I started reading the Scriptures,
and I thought “today, is for you Jesus.  my life is for You Jesus.”
Why be a downer and ruin this day?

Everything has just been so crazy right now.
Sometimes, I wish I had something to stand on that wasn’t going to start going all crazy on me…
and then I remember Jesus.

Jesus is never going to change
and He is never going to leave me
and He isn’t going to ignore me when I talk with Him
and He will always be perfect
and He will always love♥ me.


I will always trust Jesus.

So goodmorning world.  I’m ready.  Come and get me.

I’m off to make muffins for my brother.