wish list. (part 1)

by alittlelove

My birthday is in 10 days.  I am so excited!

Hello 20.  I think we are going to be good friends.  Real good friends(o;

Anyway..this is my birthday list(because people keep asking me what I want).

I would love a spoon ring from this etsy shop

or a pair of heels would be wonderful..maybe something like this:

and one of these would be awful handy:

.and I would love some flowers.

Tulips.  Please.

and if you want to do a dress that would be rad too..maybe something like this?

and of course I would love having everyone of Anthropologie’s necklaces…like this one…

and a better mic would be swell.

or a guitar capo.

or a midi keyboard from goodwill.

or maybe a special story,

some blank canvases,

or tie-dye from india?

or tulle..you can’t go wrong with tulle(o;

one more idea…tickets to see this guy.

or better yet?  these guys.

.But I would be fine with just tulips.