Welcome day..i love you.

by alittlelove

I get so frustrated when my Facebook doesn’t work.  Why does facebook have such control over my life?!  (o;  It really doesn’t..sometimes I wish I didn’t even have the thing.  It causes a lot of ruckus in my life sometimes.  It is a hilarious thing.  Don’t ever change anybody’s status without them knowing though.  I almost lost a sister that way.  (o;

I am still frustrated at it.

Today, I woke up at 10:30.  Uhmm…yes, I was quite lazy this morning.  I stayed up rather late last night though.  Project Runway Finale was on..and I was not going to miss that.  I was disappointed by who won, but I was quite inspired by Carol Hannah’s line.  It made me want to sew like crazy.  I will try to go to bed earlier tonight, because really, all this staying up late is killing me.  Sleep deprivation is like death I think…

Went with mamma to Costco this afternoon..we picked out a freezer, and I played a concert for the lovely customers.  They starred at me as I banged out coldplay’s Viva la Vida..and some original music scores I had written out for Bella’s broadway production.  I just love playing music for people.  I want to do it for the rest of my life.


Anyway, I haven’t written anything very spiritual in a while.  And it’s not because I’ve been having a hard time spiritually, but rather I’ve had a lot to think about lately.  God has been working in marvelous ways these past few weeks.  To see how He is working everything out is amazing.  I don’t have words to express the joy and faith He has been spreading throughout my heart.  Jesus has become such a beautiful friend to me.  A friend of mine called the other night, and we talked about how Jesus has changed each of us.  How He took our filthy selves, and made us new.  I started thinking about how God sees sin as sin..in His eyes, one is not greater than the other..we all need to be saved, and freed, and made new.  So, no matter what we have done in our past, Jesus is waiting to make us new.  He does not forgive one person more than another.  As I was thinking of this, I began to become excited and full of peace.  Jesus is forgiveness, no matter what we have done♥

I love Him for that.


I found a brilliant new artist.  J.J.Heller is amazing.  Her voice is so soothing, and her music so calming.  Reminds me of heaven.♥

This song encouraged me through some pretty grey days.