old pictures..and birthday packages.

by alittlelove

Hello my dear friends!

Today I was looking through our picture folder.  I love older pictures so much.  I have so many good memories because of those pictures(but a very slow working computer now).  I came across this picture.

It made me smile.  I was happy that day.  I like happy pictures.

(I fell off that wall you know..and injured my foot.  I have no idea how I got up there…crazy me.)

Anyway..today I’ve been making presents for Kirstie.  I cannot wait for her to get them.  I am so excited about this package..so so so excited♥


Turns out we may be moving to Idaho.  My daddy has a phone interview soon.  Crazy life I am living right now.  I love it.  Even with all the trouble and hardness that has been going on.  Jesus does bring joy in the hard times.  My joy is not based on any one circumstance. It is all because of Jesus.  Sometimes it is hard to remember that, and it’s a really cloudy day, but I can never doubt my Saviour.  Jesus is alive inside of me.  He is my joy.


!!A shout out to everyone…If you would like to book me to play anywhere, I would be more than happy to come and do a show!  I’ve been working on a number of different songs.  Haven’t really had a chance to cut them, but I’m planning on it.  (o:


Well, I’m off to get some painting done.