make your own luck, skin your own duck.

by alittlelove

IMG_7801I layed on the floor yesterday(you know, because I was sick), and I saw this(the cross).
The LORD sends such beautiful reminders.

IMG_7863We had a “cookie war” last night with some of our soccer buddies.  The girls and I made these up from scratch.  Chocolate cinnamon woopie pies.  Seriously..who doesn’t love jet-puff in the middle of their cookie?♥

IMG_7744This was Tuesday’s soup kitchen menu.

IMG_7765This was me taking a break during clean-up.

momjumpingThis is my mom.  I think she is rad.  (those are my lucky boots♥)

IMG_7729And this is my daddy’s birthday cake.  He turned 53( didn’t hear it from me).  Yes,we did use 53 candles.  It’s the only way to do it.

and that is my week in pictures.