grey sky.

by alittlelove

The sky is grey today.

My heart is not though.

Today is going to be beautiful.

It has been hard to think of something to write lately.

Everything is so boggled up in my mind.

Life has been hard and happy and full of Jesus.

The more I experience Him, the more I love Him.

I want to do something.

I think in everyone’s mind is this anxiousness to be something, do something great, to accomplish their dreams.  That anxiousness is in me right now.  Though it’s not a bad anxiousness…it’s more like the Holy Spirit moving in my heart.  I want to do something, be someone apart from myself.  Sometimes I just lay in my bed starring at the ceiling thinking “what are you doing ria?  where is your life going”…I have to admit that I have been pretty slow in deciding what I want to do.  I kind of feel stuck.  The program got me quite stuck.  I had this vision and this desire to be a missionary, and they kind of snuffed out that dream.  They put a jar over my candle.  Something I’ve learned from that is to not give up.  My missionary dream is not over.  I’m still hanging onto it, because there is just something in me that does not want to let that go.  I want to go into the ministry with all my heart.  I read this blog this morning, and it brought tears to my eyes: The Journey She is living out a dream of mine.  I am so glad that she is♥

Aside from what has been going on in my heart♥

We had out first indoor soccer game yesterday.

I had a  wonderful time.

I got kicked in the foot though..and now I am limping.

O well…that was bound to happen.

I have to finish illustrating something for Bella….it’s a secret though(o;


it’s my daddy’s birthday today.