racquetball madness.

by alittlelove

Today I went babysitting with my little sister…we didn’t have a lot of kids, but it was still fun♥

I learned that the writing on little cars is called “tattoos”.  The little boy took his car to the tattoo parlour.  I kind of blushed as we drove our little cars over to make believe shop.  Funny thing life can be.

Then we walked over to the soup kitchen, which turned into some sort of Divine intervention…because today the kitchen crew decided not to show up.  I was encouraged by that.

I am freezing right now.  I am always cold.  I don’t like it.

This afternoon we get to go to the last soccer game of the season.  Which, I am supposed to be making cookies for right now..but, I’m blogging.  *i will make them soon*

Then tonight we get to head over to the racquetball court and get rid of some craziness.  I’ve never played before, so I’m a bit nervous.  People keep telling me that they almost got knocked out, or got a bloody nose.  So I am afraid of all the craziness.  I think it will be fun though.  I’m pretty excited about it(o:

And then I get to sleep…which I am really excited about. ♥

Are you doing anything exciting today?



Dear Future husband:  
I hope you come soon, because really...
I am always cold.