by alittlelove

Today I had quite quite quite a busy day.  I’m feeling much better, and I think Frank is leaving soon.  I told him he couldn’t stay any he has started packing.  Which makes me feel better(o;


Today I:

  1. cleaned my room.
  2. cleaned the house.
  3. listened to 4 straight hours of brass band and opera.
  4. did my handwash(it had been on my mental checklist for quite a while..and I was kind of getting mad at myself for being so I did it).  I love clean clothes don’t you?!
  5. played with an may be in a new song everyone!
  6. cleaned.
  7. cleaned.
  8. cleaned.
  9. felt like crying(because of music..I’m one of those peoples that cry because of music♥).
  10. didn’t dress up.  I wore a t-shirt today.  Which is a rarity with me..You know, sometimes it’s just good to wear a little t-shirt.  No one was coming over, and I wasn’t going anywhere, so I figured it was okay to wear a t-shirt today.  No sweats though, mind you..I can’t handle sweats.
  11. put away the Costco groceries.
  12. watched a couple of episodes of the Locator with my family.
  13. thought about Jesus.
  14. fell more in love with Jesus.
  15. was a little housewife( actually, I pretended to be a housewife, because I’m not a “wife”.  Which, sometimes makes me angry and sometimes makes me sad, but usually I am happy about being single. I think being single right now is quite a gift, and I’d rather take it with a smile on my face, than with a frown. I don’t think guys like frowns♥).
  16. ate a popsicle.
  17. enjoyed life.

and you should enjoy life too.  Every second of it.  Don’t take it for granted.  Live every day to the fullest.  Embrace life and love and laughter.  Enjoy the sun.



p.s. Dear future husband:
I hope you like the Opera.