forts and colds..and lots of wild things that keep happening to me.

by alittlelove

Frank woke me up at 1:41 this morning.  I felt like smacking him in the face.  My throat is not in very good condition right now(but I’m thinking it might help in the version of Moon River that I am going to be recording).  I hate being sick like this…I just want Frank to leave..REALLY BADLY.  Anyway, so I got out of bed and made myself some tea(hoping that I  wouldn’t wake anyone else up in the process).  I read a little of the Bible..I’m loving Isaiah right now.  But I couldn’t really pray, because when I’m sick, I tend to lose my focus quite annoyingly.  But after I read, I started drawing some designs for the Shabby Apple contest.  I’m not really happy with any of them yet, but I think I’m getting somewhere.  Well, I finished that, and I went back to my room, and started reading a little poetry, but my mind started to wander again…so I sat on my bed thinking about building forts(because I want to enter this).  So I started a very lame attempt of making a fort over my bed, and half way through, I thought to myself “what in the world are you doing ria♥?”.  So I scratched that idea, and decided to try and fall asleep.  I fell asleep.  ♥

….and that all happened around 2 o’clock in the morning.

You’ve got to love colds, eh?

I finished sewing my purse this morning…that makes me HAPPY.

O!  a note about my free rice post.  You don’t actually get free give it.  I wish you could get free rice though..that would be a dream come true(o;

I think I am going to try and finish a dress I had started too..skirt and zipper, that’s all I have left(o;

..I’m loving this fort♥



p.s. Dear Future husband:
I would like it if we built forts together.
That would be rad.