by alittlelove

So, I’ve caught myself a little cold.  I’m going to name him Frank.  And Frank has got to go really soon…He makes my nose itch and me sneeze too much.  I think I’m going to have quite a bit of time to play with some tracks I’ve been recording.  I can’t really sing….it doesn’t sound right and it hurts my throat, but I can play with the music.  Nat taught me what a pan was the other day.  I now ♥ pans.  Found this adorable site though.  You should give her a listen.  Her voice is so soothing.  Makes me want to start singing♥.  I like how she says “I will play music for the rest of my life”.  I feel he exact same way(o:

Let’s see..what else has been happening?

Martial arts started up again.  I don’t get to go tonight though, because of Frank.  O dear.

My dear friend Kirstie sent me a little recipe for molasses tea the other day.  To help with my anemia that pops up every now and then.  I’ve been enjoying it.  You should try it(even if you don’t have anemia).  All you need is a cup of boiling water, a spoonful of molasses, and a splash of milk.  I like it better than coffee(o:

*and NieNie is going to be on Oprah.
I don't watch Oprah, but Frank and I will be today(o;

I think I’ll start knitting something today.

And I have to finish a purse I am making…needed a fall purse, so I made one.  ♥

And you REALLY need to check out Rule #12 out of The Rulebook for Life.

It made me smile.

Well, I had better go take a shower.  Being sick is always better when you have clean hair.  (o:



p.s. I love fit balls.